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Our Work

Below you will find our completed projects, along with links to the live websites, and reviews by our clients.

Damascus Road Creations

Damascus Road Creations website mckup on multiple devices.png

What our client had to say:

"Have my website designed and maintained by Taylor'd Designs.  Very responsive and reasonably priced. Designed my logo as well.  Very happy with work done".  ~Ann

Coach Cora

What our client had to say:

Coach Cora Screenshot on computer montor.png

"I found William to be three things: 1) patient! Working with me to get me where I wanted to be with my site! 2) communicative! willing to have conversations, responsive to questions, and robust in his responses and with information, and 3) skilled! Of course, he also knows what he is doing and did so smoothly and in a way that was helpful!"  ~Cora

Katie Arrington Music

Katie Arrington _ Katie Arrington Music _ Singer-Songwriter - Google Chrome 10_26_2022 11_

What our client had to say:

"William was responsive, talented and efficient in designing my new artist website. The aesthetics turned out better than I could have envisioned, and he was quick to make the many revisions I suggested. I highly recommend him!"  ~Katie

Musicians With A Mission

Where Music Meets Health _ Musicians With A Mission _ Pittsburgh - Google Chrome 8_30_2022

What our client had to say:

"As a professional musician/artist I didn't just want a website, I wanted a work of art. And that is what William of Taylor'd Designs delivered! He went above and beyond the call of duty. My team of musicians and I remain forever grateful for his service".  ~Devin

Genesis Counseling Services, LLC.

Therapist _ Genesis Counseling Services _ Spartanburg - Google Chrome 8_10_2022 8_16_20 AM

What our client had to say:

"William was very prompt, understanding, and cooperative throughout my entire experience. His work was exceptional and his price was very fair and competitive for someone like me that is growing their business. I would give him 10 stars if I could and will continue to use him in the future. Thanks William!!"  ~Stephanie

Five Seed Fashions

Five Seed Fashions

What our client had to say:

"Taylor’d Designs 23 LLC was absolutely phenomenal to work with. He is understanding, knowledgeable, helpful, and his work is exceptional. I would definitely recommend his services!".  ~Nika

Lake Martin Watersports

Lake Martin Flyboard and Wakesurf _ Lake Martin Watersports _ Eclectic - Google Chrome 4_1

What our client had to say:

"William is very responsive and works quickly, would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great website for a small business". ~Austin

Knit Wear

Handmade knitted hats _ Knit Wear - Google Chrome 3_7_2022 8_36_10 AM_edited.jpg

What our client had to say:

"It was such a great decision to work with Taylor Designs! I couldn’t of made a better decision & I would do it again in a heartbeat! I am new to owning a small business and he was patient with all my questions and suggested other options / ideas for my site! If you want something simple or more complex, any of your ideas can be brought to real life and you’ll be so happy with the outcome!! This is the company to work with for designing your site hands down!!! Super impressed and I’m glad my friend Katie recommended him to me!"  ~Jacquie

Mable Roads

Farm to _Grazing_ table _ Mable Roads _ New York - Google Chrome 10_9_2021 4_14_55 PM.png

What our client had to say:

"It was such a pleasure working with Taylor’d Designs! I am so happy with the results and would highly recommend using them for all your web design needs".  ~Katie

Joel McGuire Music

Christian Gospel Artist _ JMcGuire Music - Google Chrome 5_3_2021 8_39_20 AM.png

What our client had to say:

"Everything was great, I'm so so happy.  Thanks so much, it was great working with this contactor".  ~Joel

Javi's Rides

Buy and sell custom rides _ Javi's Rides _ Las Vegas - Google Chrome 1_12_2022 8_19_56 AM.

What our client had to say:

"Stop looking for anyone else, I was so lost and had no idea what I needed or wanted. William made this so easy and stress free and couldn’t be happier. I want to thank William for having patience with me and not getting frustrated. Can’t wait to have fiends and family use their service".  ~Javier

Azteca Mexican Diner

HOME _ Azteca Mexican Diner - Google Chrome 8_23_2021 9_29_05 PM_edited.jpg

What our client had to say:

"I loved how well the communication was between us in this project. The theme was well put together and in a way that represented my brand and what I provide".  ~Luis

San Juan Photography

Real Estate Photography _ San Juan Photography _ Anacortes - Google Chrome 9_12_2021 5_25_

What our client had to say:

"All I can say is AMAZING!! I absolutely love the way William created my website and will not hesitate to use him in the future.".  ~Sherri

Hitman Custom Baits

Custom Fishing Baits _ Hitman Custom Baits - Google Chrome 9_9_2021 9_12_49 AM_edited.jpg

What our client had to say:

"Fabulous!! Everything was spot on. I now have a very professional look and feel, ease of use website, If I wanted corrections he was on it. Very understanding and patient we were in a level 3 fire evacuation zone and he said do what you need to and get back to me. Thanks William for your hard work!!" ~Chrisann

First Forgotten Champions

Home _ Morreco Coleman - Google Chrome 2_24_2022 10_06_12 AM.png

What our client had to say:

"Taylor'd Designs 23 LLC has been a valuable asset for me. He has been extremely patient with me and the website. I highly recommend Taylor'd Designs 23 LLC for all your web development needs".  ~Ronald

Motiff Aesthetics

Esthetician _ Motiff Aesthetics _ Santa Clara - Google Chrome 1_19_2022 9_08_16 PM.png

What our client had to say:

"William did a great job on my website. He was very professional and had great communication. I was very happy with the outcome and I’m glad I was able to find him. I always struggled with making my website, but William understood what I wanted and it came out great. He responds really quick and makes sure everything is how I want it. Thank you William!"  ~Tiffany

Original design is linked here, client may have since changed the live website design.

Melissa Mullamphy


What our client had to say:

"Bill was great to work with. He was responsive, easily accessible and exceeded my expectations and schedule. I spent 20 years sitting in between IT development and the business community so I have high expectations and I highly recommend Bill and Taylor'd Designs".  ~Melissa

Original design is linked here, client may have since changed the live website design.

Leadership In Bloom

Home _ Leadership In Bloom - Google Chrome 11_7_2021 8_31_48 PM.png

What our client had to say:

"I cannot praise enough the professionalism and skillset William had displayed throughout our relationship in the design and publishing of my website. I am hypercritical in my reviews and he was quick to respond to any changes I wanted (no matter how mundane). He is an excellent designer of web pages and I highly recommend his services". ~ Bob

Original design is linked here, client may have since changed the live website design.

Evolve Healthcare LLC

Mental and Physical Telehealth Services _ Evolve Health Care - Google Chrome 11_4_2021 10_

What our client had to say:

"William created a beautiful website for our new business. He communicated well and got the site up quickly. He was patient with my requests for edits. I would highly recommend William for any website". ~Angela

Original design is linked here, client may have since changed the live website design.

Kylie Thomas Art

Artist _ Kylie Thomas Art _ Michigan - Google Chrome 11_1_2021 8_37_44 AM.png

What our client had to say:

"l love my website redesign by Taylor'd Designs 23 LLC!! William is very communicative, explained everything to me and was very helpful in bringing my vision to life! I definitely recommend Taylor'd Designs 23 for any of your website needs/ help!" ~Kylie

Dylan Norman

HOME _ Dylan Norman - Google Chrome 10_9_2021 4_09_18 PM_edited.jpg

What our client had to say:

"Where do I begin! William was so easy to work with: from his communication to understanding and teasing out what we wanted, and making changes until we felt the website for my son was what we envisaged. He was always prompt in his replies from questions to edits. In fact, it was beyond our expectations and we are very grateful for his project management and technical skills. Would highly recommend William and his company for website creation". ~Lisa

Jazzy Muah

Magnetic Eye Lashes _ Jazzy Muah - Google Chrome 10_6_2021 8_45_30 PM_edited.jpg

What our client had to say:

"I will definitely recommend Mr. Taylor to anyone that’s looking for a webpage to be designed. He Is very professional and has a lot of patience. He had my page up and running weeks before the projection date. He always response to my emails in a timely fashion". ~Idreana

Wellspring Of Wisdom

Inspirational T-shirts and golf accessories _ A Wellspring of WisdomHome _ Wellspring of W

What our client had to say:

"Taylor'd Designs 23 (William Taylor) was very engaged in the process of getting my website designed, up and running all within the time period I required. It was very easy to communicate my needs and Mr. Taylor never failed to deliver. His care in providing quality work is exemplified in various ways such as the recommendations of structures, and site navigation. If the opportunity presents itself again I wouldn't hesitate to use Taylor'd Designs 23". ~Mauretta

More Reviews

What our clients had to say:

Web Services

"Outstanding in every aspect. William was helpful, professional and prompt. I will be using him again, if someone deserves 6 Stars it is him". ~Jim

Website Guidance

"The partner I was assigned to was so helpful! I was able to text them and get step by step instructions on how to work through my roadblocks. Now I'm on a roll! my website is coming along nicely thanks to my partner. I don't know what I would have done without them. I probably wouldn't be able to open my online store as quickly as I am now after getting the help of my partner. Quick and efficient". ~Caprietta

Website Updates

"Working with William was an awesome experience. Communication was great and work done correctly and in timely manner. A++++". ~ Rosie Marie

Web Services

"Fast, and did exactly what I wanted! Definitely Recommend him for anything that you need done to your website". ~Onisha

Website Updates

"This was my first experience working with a web designer and it was very pleasant and easy. He was very knowledgeable and his kindness and politeness really made the experience pleasurable". ~Telia

Web Services

"He was very helpful and willing to help in way he could. Very professional and very detail oriented". ~Princess

Connect Domain

"Taylor'd Designs 23 helped me switch and fix a domain issue with my website, from a previous inexperienced developer. They quickly came to the rescue and fixed our situation at a reasonable cost with great communication. They will definitely be my first reach out when I have any future website problems. Thank you again!" ~Alexandra

Web Services

"He did an excellent job with everything. I am very pleased with the work. If I needed another website done, I'd go with Taylor'd Designs 23 in a heartbeat". ~Lauren

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