Frequently Asked Questions



Where Do I Start?

Great Question! If you are interested in us designing your website, the first thing to do is fill out our "Client Information Form" by Clicking Here This information gives us the basic starting point to designing your site. We will then be able to ask more specific questions to design an amazing website that represents your business.

How Long Does It Take?

The time frame is different with each project and depends on many different factors:

  • Our Current Schedule
  • Size of Project
  • Number of Revisions
  • Communication
  • Different Time Zones
  • Unforseen Delays or Setbacks
Typical turnaround time is around 1 month, but this depends largely on how quickly the client provides the content for the website. Time frame may also be affected by holidays (US) and weekends. A "Rush" fee of $ 200.00 (USD) can be added to the quote, to move you to the front of the line, if you need your website delivered quickly.

Do You Work For Wix?

No. Taylor'd Designs 23 is not employed by Wix in any way. We are a freelance company that participates in Wix's Partner Program, but operates completely separate from Wix. We only use Wix as our website building platform.

What Do I Need To Provide For You To Build My Website?

Whether it is a new build or a redesign, you will need to provide all the content for your project. Taylor'd Designs 23 does not provide any content for your website, you are the expert as it pertains to your business. We may use stock photos for previews until your images are provided. The following is a list of some/all of the items we will need to design and build your website:

  • Your Logo & Business Name
  • Any "Taglines/Phrases" specfic to your brand
  • Colors, Fonts, Etc. associated with your brand
  • Your Bio/About You section description
  • All media assets (Images, Video, Etc.)
  • Contact information (Address, Phone, Email, Etc)
  • Any Products/Services titles, images, descriptions, prices, etc (If applicable)
  • Any other assets or information you want included
We will gather some of this information when you fill out our " Client Information Form" and through other communication.


What Is Included In Your Quote?

We will include all fees relative to designing and building your site based on the information we receive from you via our "Client Information Form" and any following correspondance. There will not be any "hidden" fees! The only time there will be any fees added on would be if you choose add features not included in the original quote. We want to to be completely happy with your new website, so we include up to 3 revisions* after the inital site is built. Revisions are considered to be large scale changes to the design or layout, minor changes will be done until corrected.

Does Your Quote Include Hosting and Domain Name?

Our quote will include the first (1st) year Wix hosting plan and first (1st) year of your domain name registration. After the first year, you will then be responsible for maintaiing annual payment for both fees. Wix requires a hosting plan to attach a domain name and to remove all Wix branding & advertising.

Do You Provide Retainer Work?

Yes. You may purchase retainer work on a per hour basis. Our rates are $75.00 (USD) per hour with a minimum of one (1) hour required. Please send us a message via our contact form HERE to discuss your needs. Retainer hours are typically used for minor edits and updates and small design changes. Larger project updates/changes will be quoted based on scale of project.


Do You Take Credit Cards?

We accept debit/credit cards-Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. All work will be invoiced via Square and sent to the email you provide to us. Terms will be written on the invoice.

How Does Payment Work?

Due to the amount of time and work that goes into designing and building a website, payment requirements will be as follows: If I own the website during the build, we will require 50% of the total invoice BEFORE beginning any work. The remainder of the invoice will be due when site is ready to go "Live". If you own the website and add us as a "Contributor", we will require 100% of the total invoice BEFORE we begin any work. For more information on "Site Ownership", please see our FAQ General Questions.

*Please be advised, Taylor'd Designs 23 does not work for, nor is employed by Wix.  Taylor'd Designs 23 offers it's freelance web design services utilizing the Wix platform

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